Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two Weeks!

The script for The Assassin is finished. I'm getting really excited. Today I'll be checking out the top two or three hotels on my list. I'll also be buying some work lights and accessories. I'm going to talk to the Hoo-Haws at Fotovideo and see if I can rent a Panasonic DVX100B (camera) from them for the night of the shoot at a reasonable price.

Andrew will be playing the title role of The Assassin. Doug will be playing the heavy dramatic role of Chandler. Scott will be my entire crew. Go Scott! I'll have to make sure there's plenty of Miller Genuine Draft on hand for the shoot.

Next I'll be breaking down the script and making lists of costumes, props and equipment needed. Somehow I need to fabricate a fake handgun with a silencer and not spend any real money doing it. Herm. Water pistol, bristol board and black spray paint perhaps?

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