Monday, December 21, 2009

Press Release: New Project Begins

Emergency Exit and T.D. Fuhringer are proud to announce a new short film project, 'A CONVERSATION WITH THE DEVIL', to be produced in early winter 2010.

The story features four characters (and a possible 5th in flashback) telling outrageous stories during a poker game.

The first draft of the script is 60% finished and should be ready by Monday the 28th for those interested in playing a role or providing constructive criticism.

The Roles:

The Host: Smokes a cigar, wears an expression of perpetual amusement, has the bulk of the dialogue in the second half of the film.

Syd, The Real Estate Agent: Greedy, simultaneously charming and offensive, is the skeptic of the group.

John, The Alcoholic: Never sober and never wants to be, hints of deep seated anger beneath an easy going facade.

Billy, The Kid: Vain, dresses like a drug-dealer and tries too hard, ends up seeming even younger and more needy that he really is.


I'll also be looking for a location to shoot the film. Once it's secured, we'll nail down a shoot date. Anyone who wants to help be crew, maybe do some camera and sound work is also welcome.

I'll be posting UPDATES EVERY MONDAY, so stay tuned. Thanks!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Assassin

Emergency Exit Films presents 'The Assassin' by T. D. Fuhringer

Click here to watch in High Quality

Final Thoughts on The Assassin

It is done. The Assassin is finished.

For our first time, it's not bad. I give us a 3 out of 10, with ten being Saving Private Ryan and zero being anything by Uwe Boll. We have music, the sound is pretty good in some spots and Doug's delivery was often quite enthusiastic.

We learned a lot, which was our purpose. The lighting, coverage and most of the blocking were a disaster, but I already have great ideas about how to fix those problems on our next shoot. We can build on the parts that worked and make them even better next time!

It took me from Sept 14th to Dec 14th to get a three and a half minute short film finished. I have a great deal of newfound respect for the people who assemble a movie. Especially the editor and the composer.

My favorite parts were the shoot itself and writing the music. My least favorite parts were the assembly cut and hand-syncing the sound. But it was all a learning experience. Among many other things, I had to learn how to compose music to write the score!

Thank you to Andrew Caton, Caitlynd Trowbridge, Doug Dick and Scott McEachern for all their invaluable help. There would have been no movie without you.

I'm glad it's finally finished and I'm very much looking forward to our next project, 'A Conversation With The Devil', which goes into production in the New Year. Anyone who is interested in taking a role please let me know.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Have Picture Lock!

I've finished editing "The Assassin". The picture is now 'locked' so that I can finish the effects, sound and music without worrying about changes to the editing. The sound is pretty much finished and I'm writing the music now.

The movie is turning out very different from what I'd planned but it certainly is interesting. It's shorter than I'd planned, less than 4 minutes but it plays better short. I've learned so much and can't wait to shoot our next movie!

It'll be done before Christmas, I promise.