Sunday, August 10, 2008

My favorite part of any story is always the beginning

You've got to start somewhere, right? Well this is where SuperStorm Entertainment begins. I haven't even formed the company or registered the name yet. That'll all come later.

Production Information:

Our first actual short film will be shot on Sunday December 21st. It will be a brief action movie, no more than ten minutes, produced with off the shelf consumer equipment. We don't have a title or a script yet; all we have is some good people who are willing to help.

Attached to the project so far are:

Teddy (CREW)
Doug (CREW)
Scott (CREW & ACTOR)
Gaby (ACTOR)
Anson (ACTOR)

We have a location, a house generously donated to us by Andrew & Correna. We will treat their home with respect, and we'll be cleaning it after the shoot. Soon I will take some shots of the house inside and out so we can begin planning a script and storyboard.

Scott and Dan have already been putting together great ideas for possible costumes and props. We've also loosely discussed a script, but we need more information about our shooting location before we proceed. I've got some equipment already too.

So far I have a camera, a Panasonic PV-GS80 which is not very good, but unless someone has a better camera to offer, it's all we've got. Here's an idea of how the footage from the camera looks...

Very warm indoors

Slightly cool outdoors

Slightly grainy in low light conditions

But hey, at least it's native widescreen 16:9 and the resolution is good at 460,000 pixels. And it's got a terrific Optical Image Stabilizer for clean handheld shots.

To see some of the video I've shot with the PV-GS80, click here. "The House", "Ginger Snaps" and "Frodo Unleashed" were all filmed with this camera.

I've also got a terrific pole for boom work and some decent camera accessories. We still need a shotgun mike, a sound recorder (either a DAT or a flash memory recorder) and a clapboard slate. Oh yeah, and lights. But I have a line on some cheap light stands.

That's all for now. This blog will be a perfect place to post production information so I don't have to explain everything to everyone all over again as we gain new members. Thanks!