Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a Date!

It's showtime. On Monday Sept 14 we will be shooting a short film, 'The Assasin - Scene 27'. Scott and Doug are in for sure and I need one more participant. I should have the script printed out by tomorrow and I'll be going over parts, costumes and props in the coming weeks.

We'll be shooting with my crummy Panasonic GS-80. We'll put my nice Azden Microphone and boom pole to the test for the first time. We'll be recording sound wild on my Toshiba notebook.

Hopefully I'll have a location sorted out soon. I'm planning to use a hotel room. It's perfect. A safe, clean space where we can set up and work without interruption. Just have to figure out which hotel around here is best.

Soon you'll have something to watch!

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