Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm So Excited!

And I just can't hide it! This time next Monday we'll be shooting 'The Assassin'.

I've booked a room at the no-tell Motel 6 in Burlington. I've also rented my dream camera, a Panasonic DVX 100B from Fotovideo for the night. Cost: $150. Ouch. they actually gave me a deal. The normal rate is $250 a day.

I also bought a cool hockey bag and I've been loading it with equipment. I bought some halogen utility lights, a portable flourescent tube light, batteries, cables, electrical tape, duct tape etc.

I found some cheap toy guns at Dollarama. 2 Law Enforcement Play Kits with guns and handcuffs, a bottle of body wash, and a white lampshade. The expression on the cashier's face; priceless!

Next I need some screen door material for creating cheap diffusion filters for the lights. Also I need to paint and detail the guns to make them look more real. Whew! lots of work.

7 more days!

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Anson said...

Sounds like you're gonna have a blast! Sorry I couldn't make it - been super busy at work and haven't had time for much else lately.