Monday, March 1, 2010

Where we are

It's now one month to go till our shoot date, Sun March 28th at 10 am at Caistor Community Centre.

A snag: Our hopes are with Anson Martin who has just suddenly lost his job and may have to move. He may be understandably unable to fill his role of playing 'John'. Best of luck Anson!

If anyone wants to be Anson's understudy, let me know please.

We will be meeting on Monday March 15th at 6 pm for a Pre-Production Meeting and Script reading. The meeting will be held at a restaurant and dinner is on me. I'm still hunting for the best deal on a private room.

This meeting will give everyone a chance to suggest script changes and contribute creatively to the project. We will also get a feel for how the script sounds and iron out any bugs.

What we still need:


Poker Table

Empty Booze Bottle

If anyone has one of these please let me know, thanks.

I now have a tripod and I think I have all the lights we'll need. I'll be running lighting tests this week to set a visual style for the film.

After that the only thing left is to build the flats, for the set. I've put it off to last because it's expensive and I'm still figuring out the best approach.

One month!

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