Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here's where we are at.

We will be meeting on Monday March 15th at 6 pm for a Pre-Production Meeting and Script reading. The meeting will be held at a East Side Marios, 750 Queenston Road, Hamilton, east of the LINC, and dinner is on me.

Ed Grainger has filled the role of John. Thank you Ed.

Unfortunately James Harris and Martin Birthelmer will be unable to participate in our current project. So Garrett Taylor has generously filled the role of Syd. Thank you Garrett.

If I am unable to find someone suitable to play Luke before our March 28th shoot date, I will fill the role myself.

Yesterday I completed 13 lighting setups in my basement, to pick a visual style for 'Conversation'. Here are some stills from the test.

#1 is the natural lighting of the room, practical lights only. Effective but boring.

#9 is a standard Hollywood 4 light Studio setup. Much better detail.

#8 is the same as 9 but with less light on the background. I like this one.

#10 is the same as 9 but with no fill light. Terrific contrast but muted colour.

I'll show everyone all 13 setups at our pre-production meeting, but I am pretty sure we're going to end up using some variation of 8, or 10.


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