Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Image is Everything

Here are some reference shots of the house we'll be using for our shoot on Dec 21st. Hopefully these will give us some ideas of what we have to work with visually and in terms of space for action. I have many more pictures but these are enough to give you an idea.



Entrance from inside

Entrance from above balcony (excellent angle!)

Back entrance screen door

Screen door from inside kitchen

Living room with screen door at far left

Living room towards kitchen & stairs

Living room from screen door

Living room from kitchen & stairs

Balcony above entrance

Top of stairs from below

Bottom of stairs from landing

Stair detail from top landing (sweet)

On the left is the bathroom Scott will come from. Ahead is the closet door Dan will pop out of and kill Scott messily from behind. Good times.

Under-lit basement

Creepy basement

Awesome creepy basement

So that's some of the space we have to work in there are several other rooms like the garage, laundry room, office, etc. but we will likely have to use one or two of those rooms for staging and equipment.

More info to come!

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darkvoice8 said...

sweet place i deffinatly already started to think of some choreography for fight scenes and stuff i will run my ideas by you first the stairs you were talking about looks awsome i like the house and look forward to start filming and stuff i am still trying to round up some of my friends for acting i will let you know when i find someone(s)
Actor/crew Scott "the ninja" McEachern